Monday, 30 May 2016

The Three Lions

So it's been nearly four long years since the last set of Euros! The hardcore fans are searching through their wardrobes for their retro England shirts (Italia 90 no 19 on the back) Hopefully England will play more than 3 games at this tournament! We won't even mention 2014's World Cup run.. Or lack of so to speak! 

Normally the press have already written the headlines by now.. The hype would be reaching fever pitch and every man and his dog would be convinced it was going to be England's year this year... For some reason though no one is really beating the England drum. It's almost as if people are praying that if they don't mention England in the same breath as tournament favorites Germany or Spain the boys may do the impossible!! 

The last truly great Euro campaign we had was back in 96! Who can forget Pearce's pen against the Spanish, or The great interlinking play between Teddy & Shearer against the Dutch? Unfortunately though we only made it to the Semi's.. A Mr G Southgate would be forever remembered as the man that missed that crucial pen! 

So what are we realistically hoping for this summer... 

It's hard to tell what formation or players Roy's gonna start with... But if we can play to our strengths with the likes of Kane & Vardy then there is a possibility that we can restore some pride to our national team following years of underachieving. 

If that doesn't happen then can we at least produce a modern day three lions icon. like we had of Gazza! Someone who the county can get behind... 

Although we all know Gazza was a one off so in that case i'd happily settle for another Chris Waddle!