Monday, 6 December 2010

FIFA and Twatter

So we've had a bit of time to swallow our pride, and swear left and right towards FIFA! But have politics played a part in ENGLAND not getting the 2018 World Cup? It's all about politics and money, very much like the day to day world we live in! Ok so it's great for Russia, but did they really have the better criteria? Stadiums such as Wembley, The City of Manchester, blow any supporter, architect away, our transport links be it they run late, get you to the entrance to many a stadium across the UK!

Our fans are among the most passionate in the world! We all live and eat football, be it a supporter of Oxford, or a supporter of Liverpool, we all live and die by the badge, Look how we picked ourselves up after South Africa, we got behind our national team! Could the fact we asked for goal line technology have got FIFA'S backs up?

It's a shame as i feel i will never witness a world cup in ENGLAND in my life time! and that in itself is a crying shame!

Oh and one last thing FIFA! Russia didn't even qualify for the last world cup!

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