Friday, 6 May 2011

Get your kits out........

We've reached that time of the season where as far as the honours go we're just crossing the "T"'s and dotting the lower case "J"'s, we also have a rough idea as to who will be facing the drop.
But as reliable as Season Ticket renewal packs landing with a soft thud through the letterbox asking  to be renewed right NOW!! another thing that is as sure as night follows day this time of year is the leaked & official images of next season's kit!
Now merchandising is big business for football clubs and players alike with fans of all ages queuing around the block from midnight to get their hands on the official gear. Gone are the days where clubs would keep the same kit for more than two seasons, with new sponsors and manufacturers an ideal excuse to bring out a new slightly different variety of strip.
It's no wonder then that retro shirts have become more and more popular, at websites such as ebay or you can get your hands on genuine old skool tops for sometimes well over a hundred pounds! You can also of course get replica old style football tops that even your team will sell in the club shop, I guess they have to cover all bases!
There's even greater debate when a supposed new top gets posted up on a website or message board, for example is
          this                                              or                                  this          

the new Spurs top and for that matter should we really care!?

Using Spurs as an example again it was fifty years ago this weekend that they achieved the League & FA Cup Double, they were regarded by many at the time as one of the greatest passing and attacking teams around, now did the loyal fans who turned up every Saturday really stand there on the terrace and moan "They're alright but not sure about those two lines at the bottom of the top!"??

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