Wednesday, 23 November 2011

pub mates!

It's Wednesday night, which means one thing! Pub talk! Last week the Weekender and the Midweeker finally got to share some 'man time' in front of some classic pub grub and a few cheeky pints of best! This week the pair of them are @ it again, They've got more variety than a bag of pick n mix! From Beckham to 'Arry, From Rio to Blatter, if it's involved a round shaped object otherwise known as a football the pair of them just can't keep away from it.

The Weekender: So what shall we drunkenly ramble on about tonight? The Dictatorship that is FIFA? Beckham winning some two bob trophy in a country that plays football with the wrong shaped ball? Or anything else on the agenda?

The Midweeker: Lets start with Beckham, rumour has it that he rang Sir Alex before kick off, waking the OAP up @ silly o'clock to ask him what colour boots he should wear! What ever Sir Alex said to him, it seemed to do the trick! With another title in the bag, and his contract about to run out, Will we see this Iconic player back in the top flight of the English league? or would the Blue Square premiership be more his pace?

WE: Well if you hadn't been neglecting your duties this week, you'd have seen Becks rule out a return to England, he's off for a French fancy, by the sounds of it. Him and the whole England debate is a joke, he's like an ex-girlfriend who won't take no for an answer!

MW:That's a knock out blow! I'm on the ropes! Yeah i think he should give it another season, Maybe cash in on more big contract for someone like the Cosmos? Fair play to him though, his done a lot for the sport, unlike that mother f*****g knobhead Blatter, The only way anyone is gonna shift that bloke out of the game is by shooting him in the head from point blank range! How would you tackle someone like Blatter? two footed?

WE: The last time we had a bloke holding such a sway over Europe it ended in a war! I'd stick a Toblerone where the sun don't shine and pull it out slowly! How can someone so out of touch with the game be in charge of running it?? Maybe we should boycott FIFA competitions till it all gets sorted?

MW: Boycotting would get my vote, but every country would have to do it! And there could be repercussions with UEFA with the Europa & Champions League, speaking of the Champions League, City need to up their game if they want to reach the knockouts, it's like watching chalk and cheese!

WE: Their running away with the Premiership but have they got what it takes in Europe? They'll drop down to the Europa League and win that though instead, you mark my words......
If we're talking European aspirations how about Spurs having another go in the Champions League next season...

MW: If 'Arry can keep fit then they may even grab the title! Their rivals are on the up again, but that is mainly down to RVP, If he goes then they are in big, big trouble, with rumours that Wenger is wanted @ Real to replace the special one, The Gooners could be in danger of becoming a mid-table team!

WE: Mourinho to take over from Fergie after he finally hangs up the hair dryer? Then Professor Wenger in at the Bernabéu? Maybe 'arry will arrive @ The Emirates???
Changing the subject, there was also talk of trimming the Premiership down to sixteen teams? That'd get rid of the also-ran none entity teams, I mean what's the point of Blackburn or Wigan, without being harsh it's a wonder anyone bother's to support them!

MW:Yeah, or the idea of maybe capping how much the top teams can spend or how many signings one team can make during a window? I miss the days of players, playing @ one club for longer than the odd season! I think Wigan will drop out of the league this season.

WE: I remember when Burnley were in the top division, but I'm showing my age there. Maybe we're too old for this modern football malarkey??

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