Thursday, 9 February 2012

F.A.B - What next for England

What a difference 24 hours can make, two football managers were due possibly life changing decisions. One not of their own choosing the other had his fate in his own hands.

Capello has gone and Redknapp's still with us.
Capello went on principal, The FA had stripped John Terry of the England captaincy without Fab's say so, the Italian believed that the Chelsea man should still be allowed to lead his country until a court of law found him guilty. For me - and with the Euros just around the corner it seemed a strange decision for Fab, he felt that his authority had been undermined, but with his own departure due after the tournament was his mind still on he job? Better to leave now with his integrity intact perhaps as opposed to bowing out in defeat?
Don Fab had his fair share of lovers & haters, if fact there was a bigger outcry when he was appointed as England coach than the time that Eriksson came along. He was & always will be a legend @ club level, but there was a certain arrogance that us English just didn't abide with - learning the language would have helped for a start!
But like the majority of England managers he had no problem getting us to tournaments it was the performance while we were there that was the problem. Egos amongst footballers are bound to be a problem and maybe having a "Johnny Foreigner" telling the lads how to play the English game didn't go down too well......

The most successful English manager of the modern game (that'll be one FA Cup) Harry Redknapp walked out of Southwark Crown Court a free man yesterday and things were looking rosy!
The case that had been five years in the making had ended, the Spurs' manager could once again concentrate on football matters and his clubs assault on the top two in the Premiership.
But now Harry would find himself on the back pages for all the right reasons again, he has long been mooted by many as the next England manager - only maybe not just yet.

Not since the days of Cloughie has one manager been the outstanding choice for the England job, but as they say 'be careful what you wish for'. Harry is England's most successful manager of recent times, but that doesn't count for much and in fact it could be down to the FA themselves for letting so many foreign managers take over @ Premiership clubs for making it so.
The major plus point for Redknapp is his renowned man mangement skills, he is English and he knows the players and they'll listen to him. Maybe a minus point could be his handling of the media, he loves a quote, has a column in The Sun (which would have to go) and he says what he likes - having said that though maybe he'll kerb this side of his character if it means getting his dream job?

I feel it's inevitable that he will take over, possibly after Euro 2012. A caretaker will be installed, a transitional squad will perform adequately in Poland and the Ukraine after which Harry can get down to the business of getting the country to Brazil in 2014.

It's a win win situation for the FA, bring in the people's choice - Win, lose or draw - well you wanted him we're just bowing to public opinion, they'd be mad not to right - and another bonus? No transfers for 'arry to get his hands on!

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