Thursday, 17 May 2012

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss?

What did Woy do wight?

Thank god for Joe Hart! This is the first time in a long time that England go into a tournament having one of the best keepers in the world between the sticks.

The Terry - Ferdinand saga as overshadowed matters, personally I'd like the 2 of them to go 12 rounds in a ring with each other, but on footballing grounds Terry was the better choice, I've not seen the lad have a bad game for England, although his off the field antics need to change!

Gerrard as captain, with Scott Parker looking like he may not make the Euro's, going with Gerrard could prove to be a masterstroke, this could be Gerrard's last major tournament so lets hope he finds that 'club form' and lead England to the land of hope and glory.

Rooney. Even if Rooney can only play the last of the group games the lad is outstanding, another one who needs to sort his personal life out, but on the pitch you'd rather have him on your side, than playing against ya!

Appointing Gary Neville, everyone's new favourite pundit (even with the droning voice!) will bring a wealth of experience and respect to the set up. He led by example - even if it was to the point of mutiny at one point! And his very presence will be priceless under the new regime.

What did Woy do wong?

Not being Harry Redknapp means Mr Hodgson is on a downer from the off! You can't argue with his International footballing experience and for all the talk of him "building foundations for the future of English football" his appointment and lack of fanfare feels a little.......well........interim?

Gareth Barry..... Seriously what does Barry bring to the table? he can't tackle, wun, score, pass, in fact he can barely walk! City carried him all season, and not only has he now got a Premiership winners medal, he has the bonus of adding more England Caps to his name! Carrick should have been given the nod over Barry all day long!

Stuart Downing over Joe Cole, Lennon or Johnson. Downing has summed up Liverpool's season, disappointing, not only did he fail to provide a single assist all season, he showed against Chelsea that he is no good @ taking pens! We all know we're gonna face a penalty shoot out somewhere along the way! Joe Cole has found a new lease of life playing in France, while Lennon and Johnson have been consistent for their clubs all season, scoring vital goals along the way, not sure how Downing managed to pip them 3 to a place on the plane?

With no Rooney for the first two games, why only four strikers?? With a choice of "big men" up front I'd have gone with Crouchie, he can score goals, hold the ball up, actually has a few skills to pay the bills, along with the fact he's all legs and elbows defenders at the Euros wouldn't have known what hit 'em! while Carroll has had minor upturn in form after the season he's had I'd say it was too little to late!
A simple rule for a striker surely is that they should score goals?! Bent had an outside chance of making it and should have been given the chance. I can see England playing one up front for the first two games and then desperately home Rooney saves the day.

So with small children asking their parents for Downing's name & number on the back of their shirts, I just hope Roy has got it right, because if his f#?ked it up, one things for sure.... I wouldn't want to be in his shoes come our opening match against France!

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