Monday, 16 July 2012

Footballing & money

Can the real footballer stand up please?

There's no doubt it football has grown into a sponsorship nightmare. Some people are more interested in what the players are wearing than how the team performs on the pitch. Today for example the F.A show cased the latest nike ball to be used for next season, who really cares? a balls a ball! it's what the players do with it that counts, like sticking it in the back of the net, or produce a world class save thats what people should be talking about! 

The media along with advertising campaigns have created a bubble which allows players to believe they walk on water, average players that 30 years ago wouldn't of even been picked to play sunday league find themselves on drinks bottles, or sandwich packs! Take Bendtner or Gomes for example. Some even find the need in tweeting pictures of themselves while on holiday in a 5 star resort, the kind of place no working man can afford to go to, "Cheers mate while i'm earning £10 per hour struggling for ends meat your out drinking champaign" yeah thanks for sharing that! they need to come back to the real world and be part of the living! 

I remember growing up, and players would live down the same road, eat at the same places and shop at local supermarkets! I mean even Gazza who was a superstar at the time, would think nothing more than popping to the local shops for a loaf of bread. Could you imaging Terry or Rooney doing that? 

As soon as the season ends, its who's leaving and who's handed in a transfer request, Sky almost invent rumours on a daily basis, after all they were to blame for 'Arry losing his job at Spurs, by banging on about the England job and how or why he is the next boss... we all know what happened there don't we! So what has happened to the one club player? with only a handful about it's a dying breed. Hat's off to Giggs, Scholes, King and co *RVP and Modric take note! 

So with all this money, hype and hysteria flying about now in the footballing world, how long will it be until we have time-outs or even extra time multi-ball? We may laugh about it, but the way things are going its closer than you think. Just ask Cardiff fans. They are now the famous blue birds that play in red! 

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