Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Teams of 2012

With 2012 turning into 2013, we @ It's a football thing have been a bit slow getting our teams of the year together, we could blame it on the rain or we could blame it on the Midweeker getting Man flu and being stuck in bed for god knows how long......

Fear not as we have finally made our selections and for the first time in 3 years Joe Hart fails to make it into either pundits team! Joe has been solid but there have been some outstanding displays by other keepers throughout 2012 including that twat of a bloke Szczesny. Defending was a problem throughout 2012, with teams such as Tottenham & Newcastle conceding 5 or more on more than a few occasions! As for Man United they had been leaking goals left right and centre! On the United front what has happened to the likes of Smalling and Jones? 2012 also saw Paul 'ave ago' Scholes return to Manchester as he got bored playing fifa on the PS3.

West Ham returned to the top flight and then decided to buy Andy Carroll.... lets just say he hasn't really hit the ground running... or played much!

What a signing Michu has been for the Swans! The Midweeker had tipped them to go down this season, but with Michu up top the Swans on their day can beat anyone anywhere.... Just ask Arsenal!

2012 saw the Toffees start a season on fire! it makes a change for them, in the past they seemed to like playing ketch-up (not the tomato type)

So with our debate settled with who makes the starting 11 of our teams of the year The weekender slumped in his pint of best raises his head and shouts out a request for Friedel to move the O's on loan! 

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