Saturday, 6 June 2015

UCL Final - Juventus or Barcelona....

It's the one we've all been waiting for! 90 mins is a long time in the world of football.. especially if the match then goes into extra time! Theres a few golden oldies on show tonight, and rumour has it that 1 or 2 of them might not get another chance to ever play in a UCL final ever again!

It's already been confirmed that the iconic figure of Xavi will be making his final appearance for the Catalan giants. He is the most decorated player in the history of this beloved club, no one at Barcelona can rival his 24 trophies - (That figure could rise to 25 by the end of play tonight)

Another ageing icon is Andrea Pirlo! This Italian maverick looks anything but a footballer coming to the end of his career! With the younger legs of Pogba doing the running Pirlo has been able to slow the game down to his pace, although against an athletic bunch of Barca players 1 x Pogba might not be enough to allow Pirlo the space and time to pick out that killer ball!

The betting shop rumour which has been doing the rounds is that Andrea has been in talks with his mate Frank and Franks new buddies at NYC FC and has agreed to join the growing number of ageing players in the MLS for a mega pay day!

"Pirlo's packed his bags and is heading to the Big Apple for a season playing alongside Frank"

Hold that hobnob there! Put down that biscuit and take another swig of tea! We've not even mentioned the main man between the sticks! 

What can we say about Buffon that hasn't already been said?

How about the fact he likes to dunk custard creams (not hobnobs) an even number of times in his tea before he finally takes a bite!  Buffon 

I've got a feeling tonights game is gonna go all the way to pen's and when it does Buffon is gonna be the man of the moment! Tonight is gonna be a Buffon night! 

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