Thursday, 15 October 2015

Klopp of tea....

What a week we've had in terms of domestic football.. Ok i know a ball hasn't been kicked on the pitch but off it... Theres been a lot of tea drinking and banter doing the rounds! Where better to start than up north in Sunderland! The Mackems finally have their man! BIG SAM! Ok i know a lot of people can't stand the type of football the big man plays but it will keep Sunderland up! So i think for now the fans need to get behind their team and let Sam guide them to safety! Remember safety first then team work! Theres no point playing attractive football if it doesn't get you anywhere.. just ask Spurs fans their team have been doing it for years!

It will be interesting to see who Sam brings in during the winter window i wonder what odds you could get on Andy Carroll on joining him up north (that media slagging match could be a perfect cover to get him at a knocked down price) First things first though Sunderland have gotta learn how to defend again otherwise they could end up setting a new record of the amount of goals conceded in the top flight in one season! Theres no Ham in Sam's sandwiches anymore! 

Now moving slightly back down South we check into our Scouse HQ and we find that they have replaced Brendan Rodgers with a chap from Germany who goes by the name of Jurgen... Hey Jurgen the German whats going on in Scouse land??  As much as we like Klopp the issue Liverpool and their fans are gonna have is that how can anyone take this bloke seriously? i mean stick a hat on him and he looks a bit like wheres wally? But honestly Liverpool you need to stop selling your best players!!! Rodgers isn't a bad manager and if things keep going bit wrong down at the Bridge he may end up landing a contract at Chelsea until the end of the season... Stranger things have happened just ask Wenger! 

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