Wednesday, 16 March 2016

The Last Post

Whats worse than The Foxes winning the league? Arsenal winning it! Cast your mind back to the start of the season, the midweeker was convinced that the capture of Cech meant that Arsenal were nailed on to lift the trophy come May.... How wrong he was! Oh by the way he also had The Foxes down for relegation!
So as the two old timers meet with only eight games to go they are left pondering the meaning of life.

Midweeker: What's it all about eh? How did we get it so wrong? I'm thinking of hanging the old sheepskin jacket up for good!

Weekender: I blame Jose! If he had just apologiesed to Eva then all would be right in the footballing world! Instead he decided to carry on like nothing had happened and well the footballing Gods didn't take kindly to that and we are now left with Leicester and Spurs battling it out for the title. In fairness though i think it's safe to say that Spurs will bottle it and end up finishing 5th!

Midweeker: I'm still in shock that our predictions have been so wrong! We both had the Foxes to go down and Chelsea or City to win the thing, the sky blues put their foot in it announcing Pep with Pellegrini still in the hot seat. The players are hardly going to be motivated knowing the boss is out the door come the end of the season!
It's been a topsy turvey season all round, I keep pinching myself thinking it's been a bad dream!

Weekender: That dream better end soon! Who knows it could be the year England actually win the Euros... which in itself is ironic really... considering we're trying to leave the Euros. Harry Kane and James Vardy partnership up top??

Midweeker: Get Kane on the plane! I remember that campaign from a Spurs Facebook page! There's been some other success stories this season so far, Bournemouth and their manager who looks about twelve have done well and Watford and their hairy head coach have gone from strength to strength. But really this season nothing should have surprised us!

Weekender: Could Sir Alex come out of retirement? I've heard a rumour that he is being lined up as the next Arsenal Boss! He may even bring Giggs in as his number 2! On a more sobering note it was a shame to see Kompany go off again with an injury! The big man needs a nice cuppa and a good rest! Hopefully next season he will be back to his best! The way things are going though City may miss out on CL football next season! 

Midweeker: There's talk of a European Super League again but would any of our lot get in it? We gonna have Leicester in the Champions League and Gary Lineker in his speedos what has the footballing world come to?? Maybe it is time to call it a day and let the youngsters take over, it's all getting too complicated for me, bring back the days of Utd or Liverpool wining everything I knew where I was back then!

So with that, the two old timers finish up their beers, put on their sheep skin coats and make their way out into the night

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