Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Oi, Ref!

So England won again last night, once again it was a bore to watch, with Wembley hosting the lowest attendance for an England international since 2014! Over 30 thousand empty seats... Come on Gareth give the fans something to enjoy!

One of the highlights of the match was brought to us once again by young Dele Alli, but for a change it wasn't the flick of the foot that caused people to take note.... A cheeky flick of the finger in the direction of the match official! As the ITV cameras caught it, the commentators didn't know what to say, silence filled the airwaves!

We all know it was directed to the ref, yet like a naughty school boy he wouldn't own up, and decided to lie about who he directed it at!

Dele grow some balls!!!

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