Tuesday, 25 October 2011

The midweekers midweek cuppa

As we sit down for a cheeky cup of tea and a few hob nobs, The Midweeker reflects on the past week. 'well i aint gonna bang on about the Manchester derby, it was a great game, you only get 3 points for a win, regardless how many you stick in the back of the net' After the first swig of tea, The MW points to an image of Sven, 'The man should knock it on the head' From the glory days of Benfica & Lazio, to the cold wet nights stuck up in Leicester, the last 10 years haven't gone to plan for the ex-England boss. Big name signings haven't delivered and it was only gonna be a matter of time before Sven was thrown to the Wolves.

Next to feel the wrath of the MW was England captain John Terry! 'Regardless if he said this or that, the lad's form has been suspect of late, needs to take a cold shower and get his head down' How could Chelsea show such a lack of discipline against QPR? The only saving grace from that game was the score line, to lose only 1-0 with 9 men was a feat in itself.

On the red side of North London, The Big German lad, Mertesacker has got the rest of the footballing world laughing! The German has been quoted as saying that they will finish in the top 4! 'I'm very confident and I think we'll do this.'

Meanwhile on all things England Stevie G has given his backing for 'Arry to take over the hot seat when FAB calls it a day after the Euro's! 'Harry Redknapp's name crops up a lot and he's done an unbelievable job. I don't think he gets the credit he deserves for what he's done at Tottenham'

With some eye catching performances over the weekend, the MW is quick to point out that Newcastle's Cabaye looks a right touch! That was a great bit of business from the Newcastle board over the Summer!

So as the last drop of tea hits the spot, the MW is up and off to catch the early train to Aldershot for their Carling cup game against United.

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