Thursday, 27 October 2011

The term 'LEGEND'

The term 'legend' gets used all to often in the modern world of football, 'oh did ya see that goal by Walcott? he is a legend' or 'That sliding tackle by Terry was legendary.' It's got to the point now where people are calling Rory Delap's thow-ins 'Legendary'

Years ago players would only be classed as 'Legends' once their playing career had finished, The likes of Bobby Moore, George Best, Pele & Ruud Gullit. Players that offered more to the game than just the odd flash of brilliance. 

I get fed up with the Sky sports commentators  in particular Alan Smith, always banging on how such and such a player is a legend! It's as if the guy's worried about calling someone average! Grow some balls mate! 

Pundits go on about how the games changed, and how the likes of Pele and co may not have been so successful if they were playing today! How on earth do they work that out? The ball is lighter, half of the old-skool tackles have been outlawed, Players get away with diving and on top of all that the pitches are now like cricket lawns! Bloody hell Pele & Best would of had a field day!

After hearing City fans @ the weekend claim that the likes of Mario Balotelli, James Milner & David Silva are  now 'Legends' i couldn't help but wonder what if...... 

(Lets get things in perspective City won the F.A Cup last season, their first bit of silverware in so many years but they couldn't get the consistency in the league.) 

@ The end of the day they played United off the pitch, scored 6 goals and looked a good attacking team.... But no matter how many goals a team scores they can only get 3 points for a win! There is no point beating United away if you end up losing to QPR @ home! 

So if City finish 2nd or 3rd this season will the likes of Balotelli, Milner & Silva still be classed as Legends? 

Personally i feel that pundits and commentators should back up their claims when they call a player a 'legend'
Could you imagine Jeff Stelling turning around to Iain Dowie and ask him to elaborate on why Leighton Baines is a 'legend'  

Maybe this is why modern day players walk around like super heroes? they need to be pegged back a notch or two! 

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