Sunday, 24 May 2015

I am the resurrection

It's final day of the season! Two are down, and it's one from either Hull or The Toon! We've been in this situation before and it was The Toon that ended up sinking! Back then Big Al couldn't help stop the rot! It seems The Toon have this self destruct button they can't help but press! They've spent big on players that just haven't bothered bringing their boots to games! Updating twitter seems to be more important to them than putting in a solid 90mins for the fans! Even the returning Spider Man (Jonas) couldn't lift the players.

Now we find ourselves 90 mins away from seeing The Toon playing second tier football (again!) With the fact their playing against one of Ashely's so called lot -  The Cockney Hammer Mob from Down South, surely there shouldn't be any more incentive needed.... But wait a minute, put that cuppa down there's more to this story! This has all the makings of a Hollywood block buster! The extra added incentive for The Toon players, fans and management is that their facing a team managed by BIG SAM! (If you don't know the history between Big Sam & The Toon then you might as well give up watching football!) Add to the fact The Hammers look like their kicking the Big Man into touch after the match this game has got the lot! The half time Tea lady will have her work cut out! 

Personally i think The Toon should put out a team of kids! Whats the worst than can happen? The current 11 (minus Jonas & Krul) have been pure w`?k for the last few months! Throw in the likes of Tom Heardman  & Greg Olley - they will be fearless. The fans love a hero and unfortunately none of the current first team squad look like they would take a bullet for their mums let alone a stadium full of screaming Geordies! It's gonna be a long 90 mins today but for the sake of Football and a city full of Geordies i hope the men in black and white stripes deliver as The Premier League needs Newcastle as much as Newcastle need The Premier League! 

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