Monday, 3 January 2011

Bad boys, bad boys..........

Apparently Joey Barton's Sister is in fact his Mum, well she is if you believe the chants being sung at White Hart Lane last Tuesday. I'm not sure where the suspect parentage comes into it (his Mother & Father split up when he was 14), but of course why let the truth get in the way of a good (?) chant?
Barton has had an eventful career to say the least, mainly off the pitch and on the front pages, but what he has done to Spurs supporters personally isn't on record.
It was ironic really that I was at a game in December with Panto season upon us he was roundly booed or jeered every time he touched the ball. I know that Joey has had his fair amount of unsavory moments in the past but that doesn't make him a bad footballer and he certainly can play.
So basically he's one of those players we love to hate and he's not the first, he's stepped into the hard man role vacated by Roy Keane, before him Vinnie Jones and going further back Tommy Smith. There have been others of course, loved by their own supporters hated by the opposition. All the best teams have had them, especially winning ones and what would a team like Spurs on the verge; it's being said, of bigger things give to have a player like that in their midfield?

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