Thursday, 6 January 2011

Transfers and urban myths

So it's the 6th of January, not much has happened in terms of movements in the Premiership, The usual suspects are being linked with everyone from North to South! The talk of Beckham heading to White Hart Lane, Dzeko up in Manchester about to sign for the blue half, and of course no transfer window would be complete with out the inclusion of Robbie Keane.

January can be a bad time to purchase that special player, what with the rise in VAT! Any player that is valued by his club will not be aloud to leave, prime example would be Andy Carroll, Harry had a word with the Newcastle Board, And we all knew what the answer was via the morning papers!

Beck's back in the Big time! It would be great to see such an icon back in our league, but from the view that Beck's wants to play, he would be better suited for a team that are floating around mid-table. The likes of Villa or Blackburn. There would be a good chance he would figure on a more permanent basis. If he ends up going to one of the top 4/5 he may find himself in a "coaching role" advising that teams younger players on what to do in the future!

Dzeko is @ last about to sign for City, Everyone knew this would happen! Its been dragging on for what seems a lifetime. It's a lot of money to spend on a player that is not proven in our league. City have an embarrassment of riches and will need to off load a few players. Players that could walk into almost any team in the League. The likes of Given, SWP, Roque Santa Cruz, Adebayor & even A Johnson. But city, as we know do not like to sell to rival teams. So could the Championship or a move away from England be the new home for a few of this guys either on loan or permanently?

Robbie Keane..... Who is there left for him to play for? @ the age of only 30 he seems to have lost his heart playing @ The Lane, once an icon for so many Spurs fans, he now struggles to last even 20mins. As is the case with age, you end up losing your pace and your bounce back ability! Owen would be an example of this too! So as we understand here at It's a football thing Keane is on his way to the Midlands to sign for the Blues.

A quick look @ some of the other transfer rumours doing the rounds:

Glen Johnson heading to Spurs?
SWP off to St James park?
Bojan to be offered to Chelsea?
United join the race for Scott Parker?
.....and of course David Bentley linked to Blackburn!

Now before i head off to make another round of teas! I leave you with what could only be classed as a pipe dream, the moment you heard this story you wanted to laugh, and in away you do feel for the supporters of this club! Imaging your teams floating around mid-table, over the last 10 or so years its been a mixed bag, relegations, promotions, europe, and of course that Carling cup win......

Could you imaging being a Blackburn fan and hearing that your club has put in a bid for a one Mr ronaldinho! It leaves you with a smile on your face!

4-4-2 it's a football thing!

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