Saturday, 22 January 2011

What makes a stadium a home?

There's been a lot of talk over the past few weeks with regards to the Olympic stadium, and the use of it after them few weeks next summer! Two Premier league teams have thrown their names in to the hat to take it over once the Olympics have been & gone! The two different sets of supports for their own reasons don't want it! West Ham due to the fact the running track will be kept! and a large part of the fans will be sat further away from the adapted football pitch than they would be, if sat watching the action from their armchair at home. And Spurs fans because their not from EAST LONDON their from NORTH LONDON! Spurs fans need to face up that as much as they either love or hate Daniel Levy, the fact is he is a BUSINESSMAN.

Now the fans play a massive part of the reason that Spurs are a profitable team, cast your mind back over the last few seasons, over 9 new kits, new merchandise, ticket prices increased. Now could you imaging how much Levy could of made if White Hart Lane could seat 60,000 + fans per game! At upwards of £45 a ticket? that’s a lot of money. 

The talk of the Northumberland Development project was music to the ears of Spurs fans and for the local community. But the fact is Levy wants to spend less to make more! It’s how Businesses work! The opportunity to create a larger stadium outside of North London for less money doesn’t trouble Levy when he goes to sleep at night, after all it’s he’s club and he can do what he likes!

A fair way down the road in East London large areas of temporary structures are being created for the 2012 Olympic games. All the structural ground work would still be useable, transport links in place. All that’s needed is someone to create a new stadium! Be it for football, rugby or athletics! Step forward Tottenham Hotspur Football Club and Chairman Daniel Levy.

Since Spurs made it clear they wanted the Olympic stadium site, Spurs fans near and far have been voicing their views, and its clear they want to stay in North London, and in my view Too right!

This is not like moving a Tesco store on a B&Q store, this is a club that has built up history over the years playing at White Hart Lane in North London, The first team to win the double, the glory days of old all washed away! A legacy ruined! All because a certain businessman….. wants to create his own history.

Now the fact of the matter is that if Levy wants to move to East London he will move the home of the Famous Spurs as he see’s fit, and will sell off the naming rights to a random rich company just for good measure!

Can you imaging how much fun The other lot that support that other team in North London are having right now! There laughing at the Spurs fans, Chants of “there’s only One team in North London” will ring true! This is more than Business this is PRIDE! 

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