Monday, 7 February 2011

Denmark v England

So it's the time of the year for an international match, The usual suspects have been included in the squad, with the odd surprise, although as often the case with our FAB manager, these surprises hardly get a game, and the odd one which is lucky to get on the pitch never gets into any future squads anyway!

As always a few of the players have withdrawn the likes of Gerrard & Crouch the most notable of the bunch. We are blessed in this country with some of the club football we get to watch, but when it comes to international games i personally struggle to sit through the whole game. Since Euro 96, we haven't really been or looked in a position to lift any major trophy, every 4 years we are told this is our time, every player is talked about being the next big thing! The next manager that comes in; the media, the FA put them up there in the same light as Sir Alf.

Tactilely we always seem to get it wrong, most recently the use of Steven Gerrard on the left wing, the topic of can Gerrard & Lampard play in the same team, Using Rooney as a lone striker. We have players such as Parker,  Huddlestone, Wilshere that can sit in the middle of the park and make things happen, but they never get the chance to impress as FAB always includes Lampard, Barry & Gerrard in the starting 11.

There are a few senior players that seem untouchable regardless how rubbish they are or have played. Now on paper (as the most famous saying goes) we have a squad full of potential and world class stars. But when it comes to the crunch they all seem to go missing. I couldn't tell you of an individual in the recent squads that takes his club form into international games for his country, can you? (the last player able to do this was of course Beckham)

So where does it leave us for the future?

An English speaking boss would be a good start, i get so frustrated trying to pick out key words from FABS press conferences, hasn't ITV or Sky thought about using Sub titles when our boss speaks?

Play players that are playing well for their teams, regardless how big of a name you need to leave out!

Tactilely we need to play to our strengths, If we have pace on the wings then lets make sure we have a striker that can get on the end of crosses!

Stop classing every player as the next big thing.... Oh and make it an honor not a cash bonus to play for the three lions.

But regardless of all this, we are still England @ the end of the day, and although we don't agree with alot of the things the FA like to do, we still need to get behind the lads! Roll on Wednesday!


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  1. Would of liked to seen Harry as England Manger by now