Thursday, 17 February 2011

The ultimate eleven

We all have our own take on what makes a legend, be it internationally or for a Club.

Over the years we've been blessed with watching players such as George Best, Jimmy Greaves, Pele and of course Sir Booby Moore. You tube and archived footage have made it possible for the younger generation to appreciate the skills of past greats, With clips of Bank's world class save, the Cruyff turn, Beckenbauer's (Der Kaiser) tactical insights, Eusebio's performances during Portugal's 1966 World cup run. And not to forget Sir Geoff's Hat-trick against The Germans in the 66 final.

Over the last 20 years football has taken control of the T.V. Live games are now on almost every day of the week, from the Blue Square premier to the Champions League, there is always a game on to get your daily football fix. Football has become a way of life, Every season the player 'brand' grows.

But who in the modern game could be classed as a legend?

The word Legend gets branded about all to easy. Modern day players do one bit of magic and they get put in the same bracket as George Best.

Sky in one way can be blamed for this over hype of modern day players. for example the over use of replays and technology to slow down every bit of skill, tackle & goal and over elaborate on just how good it was. There's a reason that if you google some of the past greats you only see the best bits of skill, tackles, saves, goals. This is because week in week out they would do the impossible and no one would expect different, it was second nature, you had to do something really really special in order for it to be given the wow factor and to be worthy of a replay.

So followers what i want to know is which player over the past 10 years do you class as a Legend and Why?

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  1. Great question, My modern day hero, legend would be Thierry Henry. He was the main reason why during the early 2000's we were as good as we were. Scoring vital goals, breathe taking pieces of magic and was great for his national team (France) during both WC 98 & Euro 2000. A fantastic player who i must say i am happy to have seen play live on many occasions