Sunday, 20 February 2011

Your having a laugh ref!

The it's a football things top 5 quotes from managers, when they feel the ref has had a shocker! 

5. You either love him or hate him, Neil Warnock has provided us with some classic moments in the past, @ number 5 in our list is the goal that never was! Step forward Ref Rob Shoebridge 

"We can put a man on the moon, time serves of 100 miles per hour at Wimbledon, yet we cannot place a couple of sensors in a net to show when a goal has been scored. I feel sorry for the referee because he didn't get any help. But how can I mark him after the game when he spoils a match with a mistake of that importance?"
The match in question Bristol City V Crystal Palace 15/08/2009

4. In @ number 4 is one of the greatest mangers of all time, step forward Sir Alex Ferguson! Sir Alex had a bit too much to say about Ref Alan Wiley 

"The pace of the game demanded a referee who was fit. It is an indictment of our game. You see referees abroad who are as fit as butcher’s dogs. We have some who are fit. He wasn’t fit. He was taking 30 seconds to book a player. He was needing a rest. It was ridiculous."

3. Harry's rant @ Clattenburg after the ref got in a right old muddle over a free-kick which ended up with United increasing their lead! 

"It was laughable and he knows it himself.
"Clattenburg is responsible for one of the worst refereeing decisions ever. He's had a nightmare.
"I know he has told people he should have blown his whistle and given a free kick against Nani for handball. Even now I can't get my head around it.

"I wonder whether Clattenburg would have blown if a Spurs player had done what Nani did at Old Trafford? There's no doubt he has made a right cock-up.
"One thing you can be certain of is that the referees will stick together on this. But it's not right. They know a real mess was made of the situation."
2. In @ Number 2 is Arsene Wenger, After some debatable decisions during his sides Champions League tie @ Porto, ref Martin Hansson get an earful. Wenger decided to have a pop @ Uefa too! 
“I believe that he is incompetent or dishonest,” 
“I prefer to believe that he is incompetent
“A lot of things have to be clarified at Uefa,” Wenger said. “First, how they nominate referees for games. They need to be more open how they rate the referees. No one knows how and why they name them. Where is the ranking of referees? Too much has gone on in the history of refereeing in Europe in the past 30 years [that] is not very good for football. A lot of things have to be done.”
1. A character on and off the field, in @ number 1 is Jose Mourinho's rant towards Mike Riley  during a sunny sunday afternoon F.A cup match V Spurs. Now it's not the longest of rants but it cut's straight to the bone.
'filho da puta' (son of a whore)
"I didn't want to be offensive, but this is a word I use to criticise. I say these kind of words every day."
Some of the above may be deserved, but god you have to be thick skinned to be a ref!

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