Tuesday, 1 March 2011

After the Break......

We all know nowadays that football is a highly successful commodity, whether we like it or not there's money to be made. And none more so than in the world of advertising, with player's endorsing everything from energy drinks to junk food!
So we'd  thought we'd have a look at some of the better adverts we've seen on the telly or at the cinema over the years.
In the more gentler times, we had Kevin Keegan selling us Brut or warning us of the dangers of crossing the roads and remember the two scouse kids from the Milk ad? I'll have a little bonus clip from yesteryear later. But a lot of adverts deal with brands that the average football supporter is likely to wear on a match day themselves. So let's start there....

    Nike - Parklife


You could break (no pun intended) football related Ad's down to a few different categories and this one falls into the "Beautiful Game" file, reminding us what it's all about and where it all started for those millionaire footballers we pay to go and see play on a Saturday. The music, a bit of Brit Pop from Blur fits in perfectly and it's nicely done with the superstars blending in nicely with the Sunday Morning Pub teams. I wonder if Messrs Seaman, Fowler, Wright & Cantona had to pay their subs along with the rest of them though??

 Nike - A Little Less Conversation
Another Nike advert and they do seem to do the best when it comes to getting the big players together. Just look at the array of talent on show, with Cantona of course playing the MC! How much would it cost to buy this boat full of footballers and think of the egos and insurance!
This is your basic "look how skillful we are" advert and it implies that you can be too if you wear Nike.......yeah if only!

Carlsberg - Pub Team
If Nike offer the stars of today then Carlsberg appeals to the old school football supporter with this classic, played straight it features all the rituals of your common or garden Sunday League side (Stuart Pearce's slightly pink top is a nice touch) but of course with a twist. This extended version shows some nice good old English Football, no fancy skills here (well maybe the odd flick by Waddle or Robson) and it's nice to see that Sir Bobby Charlton still has that shot on him! Lovely team talk too by the late great Sir Bobby Robson.

Nike - Brazil Airport
Back to Nike then and the Brazilian National Squad bored at the airport. This one is another classic that makes you stop what you're doing and watch. Not sure if they'd be allowed to do this sort of thing nowadays at Stansted, especially with all the Old Bill walking around with guns! But still, it features the recently retired Ronaldo when his legs could still do what his head was telling them and of course the obligatory cameo from Mr Cantona.

David Beckham - Adidas - Impossible is Nothing
This one's a bit different as far as footballers in adverts go, no fancy skills, no flash effects or blaring music. It's just David Beckham with a paintbrush being interviewed about key moments in his career. The cynical amongst us can write it off as a millionaire footballer trying to reconnect with the fans while picking up a pay packet, but others may feel it's an insight into the mind of a great ambassador of the game who has served his clubs & country well. I'll leave it to others to decide.

Sky Sports - Jumpers For Goal Posts
To be honest, this could be my favourite. Take a group of kids playing football over the park and give them the Sky Sports Football Coverage treatment. Very cleverly done, takes the game back to it's youth with all the things we remember from childhood. Without trying to sound too much like Ron Manager, jumpers for goalposts, reds vs blues, rush goalkeeper, Mum calling you, got to be in for your tea............marvellous!

So there we are, some of the best football related adverts around, sure we've missed some out, as mentioned at the start I could have included Kevin Keegan with his Brut or David Ginola, but I didn't think he "was worth it" :)
I'll leave you with this little bonus clip from the great Bobby Moore, imagine this advert being filmed today using the equivalent players around? Down the local for a pint & a game of darts with the Missus?? No me neither!

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