Wednesday, 23 March 2011

International rescue

“We got a bit of a telling off at halftime. We came out and we were much, much better in the second half.”

What a difference a year makes! If we hit the rewind button to around a year ago, when things started to go a bit pete tong for J.T. His off the field antics cost him the captains armband for the country he had hoped to lead to world cup glory in South Africa. The media & reporters alike couldn't wait to lay in to J.T. Headlines that cut straight to the bone. J.T & England's form took a massive dive, a shocking world cup & uncharacteristic mistakes led to England and John Terry's early exit from the tournament. 

It was all FAB's fault screamed the media! Maybe they should of thought twice about laying into our captain leading up to a big tournament??

If we fast forward to the present day, passing as we go some shocking display's from our international team is it really a surprise to see John Terry back as England captain?

"I had the worst night's sleep ever," revealed a sheepish Terry
"I was pretty nervous, to be honest. Coming out today and having to deal with the questions and stuff like that was like the first day back at school.
"It is an intimidating thing, even though I have been in this position many times before."

Since Terry lost the armband England's performances have been questionable to say the least.  

The stats don't lie! Under J.T as captain England had played 28 games, they won 24 of them giving a win percentage of 85% 

During the last international the armband got passed about from player to player to player. It was shocking to see and i'm sure past greats such as Bobby Moore looked on from above in disgust. 

International rescue was needed and in our countries hour of need the armband has been returned to a player that gives 100% game after game..... Ok he may have a past, but we all make mistakes its called LIFE! 

So lets raise a cup of tea towards Terry & we can all look forward to a great championship in  2012............COME ON ENGLAND! 


  1. Great blog. Terry should be captain for years to come

  2. A great article, Since i can remember players always seem to put their foot in it some how, i remember the likes of Adams having a bit of a past yet still captained England. It's the way of the modern game, or as the kaiser chiefs sing this is the modern way!