Monday, 14 March 2011

That was the week that was.......

Yesterday saw Stoke City go through to their first FA Cup Semi Final since 1972, the win was set up by a goal from one of the last great old fashioned surname's in football Higginbottom, I think we need more of these surnames in the Premiership, perhaps with them we'll see a return to the glory days of football? More Higginbottoms and less Da Silva's that's what I say!

Speaking of the FA Cup, the team that Stoke will face are of course Bolton Wanderers, again a great old skool name this time for a football club! You can have your fill of United's & City's but we like team's with names that finish with a Wanderers, a Rovers, a North End or even a Hotspur. Wanderers give us this romantic image of a nomadic football team arriving into town like a bunch of desperadoes looking to play and defeat the evil multi-millionaire group of mercenaries that have made life a misery for the god fearing townsfolk....or this that just me?
And a bit of FA Cup trivia? Which team has won the FA Cup fives times (more than West Ham & Manchester City) including three times secession and  now no longer exists?*

 You were of course the outstanding candidate.....CLICK HERE

The above link will take you to a letter that's been doing the rounds this past week. We've all thought of doing it, a few seasons on Championship Manager, taking our local team to the top of the Premiership, winning back to back Champions League, not seeing daylight for weeks on end! And then, a club in the real world is looking for a new manager - "I'm gonna apply that's what I'll do", well that's exactly what one bloke did when Middlesborough needed a replacement for England bound Wally with the Brolly Steve McClaren.
It's all there, the application letter plus a very sporting reply from chairman Steve Gibson. I think more of us should try this!

Recognise this ball? One used in an historic victory over England's old enemy, no not 1966 and all that, but 1915. The First World War, during their time in the trenches and to raise spirits during the final push, English soldiers came up with the bizarre idea of dribbling footballs whilst going over the top at the Battle of Loos in France. A Commander rumbled their plot and shot five balls to stop them from being used but this one survived, the soldiers dribbled and passed it as bullets and shells exploded around them. 50,000 British lives were lost during the battle, but this ball serves as a reminder of those people who gave their all during the conflict and is on display at The London Irish Rifles regimental museum in Camberwell, South London.

And Finally.........
We've heard yet again that Jose Mourinho is ready to quit Spain and head "home" to England and the Premiership. Personally I like the bloke, he's been compared to Cloughie and while that's not a fair comment he certainly was a breath of fresh air upon his arrival at Chelsea and he had no problems going toe to toe with Alex Ferguson! But could he replace him? I'm thinking that like Cloughie & England Mourinho & Man Utd wouldn't quite work together. So maybe back to his first love Chelsea or possibly with Harry Redknapp again last week advertising his availability to The FA via his newspaper column (not a Spurs supporters favourite read) how about The Special One to White Hart Lane??

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*The answer to the FA Cup trivia was Wanderers! The first ever winners of the FA Cup back in 1872. What must it feel like to support teams that have been out honoured FA Cup wise by a team which folded in 1884?

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